March 20, 2016
by NourishmentNow

Omega Green Smoothie

Hello friends! 

It’s Monday and time for a fresh start! I made this smoothie yesterday and thought I would share. It’s packed with amazing nutrients including your greens, omegas and lots of fiber! You can add protein powder if you want for a more athletic shake. I hope you have an amazing week!  Continue Reading →


February 14, 2016
by NourishmentNow

Vegan Chocolate Muffins!

It’s just been a chocolate kind of week in my house. These muffins have been made 2 or 3 times. Once for my sons soccer class, once for a private cooking class and now just for my family. (They are over the moon!) They are super easy to whip up anytime and healthy as can be! Let us know what you think!  Continue Reading →

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